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NorCRID Updates

Sunday, May 18, 2014 12:55 PM | Anonymous

Dear NorCRID Community:

We would like to inform you of some NorCRID happenings.  Please have your calendars ready as there are many events that we hope you will attend.

First news that we regret to announce Mera Kelley-Yurdin's departure from the board.  We thank her for her service and are sorry to see her go.

In two weeks, the NorCRID Central Bay Workshop Committee will host an all-day workshop on Yoga.  Highlighting the various types of yoga, multiple Deaf and hearing instructors will discuss lexical, foundational and stylistic aspects of each tradition.  Registration is open on the NorCRID website under the Events tab

On Saturday, June 28, NorCRID will host a Wine Booth at SF Pride as a fundraiser for earmarked funding toward a future training on LGBTQ issues.  We need volunteers for the day of the event and for the ABC certification training before the event making it legal for us to sell wine.  Please be on the look out for upcoming details on how to volunteer for the NorCRID Wine Pour Fundraiser at SF Pride.  We need your help!  Please keep an eye out for upcoming announcements and details.

Many NorCRID members have registered to attend the RID Region V Conference in San Diego from June 25-28.  We would be happy to see you there and hear your input and ideas about NorCRID in the coming year.

NorCRID will host a Special Election on Friday, July 25 from 6pm - 9:30 at the DCC in San Leandro.  The evening will feature a special treat with Jimmy Beldon teaching a workshop free to members to accompany the special election. You may recall the lack of quorum at the Nov 2013 Business Meeting. This means NorCRID especially needs member attendance at the July 25 Special Election to vote in interim board positions, newly nominated candidates as well as on proposed bylaw revisions. Please stay tuned for further announcements and deadlines for the special election on July 25th.  Mark your calendars and save the date!

We invite you to look at the progress that has been made  While there is still much to do, we hope you will get an idea of where we are headed and what potential the website has for being a resource to the NorCRID community.  Please have a look at and let us know of any feedback and additions you suggest.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer ahead, and we especially hope to see you at the many events NorCRID will be a part of in the coming months:

May 31 Yoga Workshop at the DCC
June 28  SF Pride Fundraiser Wine Booth
June 25-28 Region V Conference in San Diego
July 25  Special Election with a mini-workshop (free to members) by Jimmy Beldon 6-9:30pm at the DCC.

More information and announcements about these events coming soon!


The NorCRID Board
President Terri Manning
Secretary Becca Danton
Treasurer Jewel Jauregui
Members at Large Matt Moyers, Genavive Esse, and Tara Holcomb

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