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Town Hall Meeting March 6 3:00-5:00pm

Thursday, February 11, 2016 1:09 PM | Anonymous


FLYER:  [picture of Deaf Community Center building from the parking lot.  Tree in left foreground - no leaves, thin branches poking into the sky.  Big blue sky.]  “TOWN HALL MEETING”  “Join us to discuss current state of RID and NAD” .  Logos from CAD, DCARA and NorCRID.  Fade Out

Fade to CAD Logo  Fade Out

[Fade to White woman sitting in a homey setting.   Warm walls hung with art.  Woman has light colored skin, short dark hair with silver near the roots and framing her face.  She is wearing a brown jacket, black shirt.  Silver hoops dangle from her ears.  A large silver flower necklace decorates below the neckline of her shirt.]

“Hello! I am Julie Rems Smario, the current President of the California Association- C.A.D.  We will have a town hall meeting hosted by CAD, DCARA and NorCRID.  We will share the facts of what is happening with RID.  Additionally, we want to listen to your concerns, your perspectives and your ideas.  We will collect them and share them with RID and NAD.   Please join us!  Thumbs up.”

Fade to DCARA Logo  Fade Out

[Fade to white man sitting in an office with window and office furniture in background.   White man is bald, light skin, blue eyes.  He is wearing a short sleeved button down shirt.]

“Hi all, my name is Robin from DCARA in the Bay Area.  You may have learned about the RID moratorium on the performance test.  You may be wondering about the impact it may have?  In the short term, will it impact the pool of hearing interpreters?  What about Certified Deaf Interpreters?   The pool of CDIs is already very small.   How will this pool of CDIs grow?   What are our options?  How will we push for what we want?   You may be asking - what happened?!   Join us!”

Fade to NORCRID Logo  Fade Out

[Fade to white woman sitting on a stool with a blue back drop behind her.   She has short brown hair, oval glasses and a billowy black blouse with a black filagree necklace.]

I would like to welcome the ASL Community to join us. 

Where?  Deaf Communiy Center - 1550 San Leandro Blvd.

When?  Sunday, March 6th:  3:00 - 5:00

Special Accommodations?   Fill out Google Forms at: OR by Monday, February 22nd. 

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