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Janis Cole

Monday, October 16, 2017 9:25 PM | Anonymous


Video Description:  Woman wearing glasses, hair done up in bun, wearing dark long-sleeved shirt, with a pink neck scarf.
(Drinks from a yellow coffee cup)
Hello!  I am Janis Cole (name sign JC on nose)
I am excited to go to California. I am from Boston and will be traveling all the way West. I’m so thrilled!
I am looking forward to working with Eileen.
We have worked together in the past, have shared our work with each other,
shared our research and our perspectives. 
The topic is Hearing-Deaf Team Process and sure, you may be saying I already know all about it. That is ok.
I like to share an analogy when discussing with my students.  I ask them to imagine two pies.
First pie, shows a ¼ piece pie already cut.  That ¼ represents what students already know while the ¾ of the pie represents what students do not know.
Second pie, shows a ¼ piece of the pie already cut and it represents what students do not know while the ¾ of pie represents what students know.
My point with the pies is if you show up with the smarmy attitude of “I already know this”, you close your mind to the potential of learning something new.
However, come in with an open mind you may discover many new reframed views on the topic.
So an open mind and open heart leads to new perspective and help apply it to your interpreting work. This is not only for the hearing and deaf interpreting team process but also for others involved in the entire process.  So, what does that look like?
I look forward to seeing you all together… in California!  See you there! 

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