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2019 NOrCRID Board— Bios

[image description White female sitting in car. She has long, straight, dark brown hair and is wearing a plaid shirt and white jacket. She is smiling at the camera.]



Sheridan Laine will be serving as President of NorCRID. She grew up in the small farming town of Hollister (nothing like the surfer clothing brand).  She is a NERDA who fell in love with ASL while attending Community College in San Luis Obispo. Sheridan transferred to CSUN and graduated in 2005 with a degree in Deaf Studies with an emphasis in Interpreting. She spent the first 7 years of her career as a staff interpreter at Ohlone College. She left Ohlone to learn how to become the parent of a child with Autism. Freelance interpreting allowed her to spend more time with her kids, volunteer and learn new things. Sherida has three children, a husband and a big black dog. She enjoy reading, crafts and volunteering.

Image of Christine Kanta

Vice President


  Christine, as she says, really “began her life” when she was enrolled at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont at the age of 13 and graduated in 2003. This is where she found her identity, forged lifelong friendships and began her immersion and active support of her community. 

  Christine has a thirst for knowledge and loves to learn so she knew she wanted to attend college,  but was not sure which career path she wanted to pursue. She began her higher education and took a plethora of classes, looking for her niche. In 2009 she also began doing some work as a Deaf interpreter;  thoroughly enjoying the challenge and the service it provided to the Deaf community. Finally, in 2016, she enrolled in a two year Interpreter Preparation Program (IPP) at Ohlone College. She graduated in 2018 and was recognized as the first Deaf person to graduate from the program.

       Currently, Christine is a local Deaf Interpreter who specializes in interpreting for Deaf-Plus, dysfluent and atypical language individuals and works at DPAC (Deaf Plus Adult Community).

  Furthermore, Christine very actively supports and fights for Deaf rights, especially focusing on the Deaf LGBTQ and Deaf Plus communities.

  When Christine has leisure time, she and her service dog, Abby, enjoy spending their free time white-water-rafting, camping, reading, painting, watching sitcoms, and going on walks. Christine is very excited to serve as the NorCRID Vice President and do what she can to make our community a better place.


Micheal Boucher


Kate Lubeck

Image of Ariel Baker-Gibbs


No bio provided.

Image of Matt Moyers


Matt, a Bay Area native, was born in Oakland and grew up in Pleasanton. He became certified as a CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter) in July of 2015. In June 2018 he will graduate from CSU (California State University) East Bay with a B.A. Matt is serving his fifth consecutive year as a member of the board. He is a father of 3 college-aged children, two daughters and one son. His hobbies include sports, reading, and watching movies.

Head shot style photo of Reid, they are smiling at the camera and wearing a blue and grey striped sweater in front of a black background. They are a white person with long brown hair past their shoulders and short facial hair. They have a septum ring and a nose ring.



Reid is queer, non-binary, and trans (ftm). Originally from a small town in Western Massachusetts, they have been living in the Bay for the last several years with no intention of leaving! Reid holds a B.S. of Political Science from Salem State University, a Certificate of Deaf Studies from Holyoke Community College, and a Certificate of Interpreting from Ohlone Community College.

When they are not working as an interpreter or attending board meetings, you can find Reid serving as a mentor to trans and gender expansive youth, practicing in various sanghas around the Bay, crafting, reading, or watching their favorite tv shows.

They decided to join the NorCRID Board as a way of becoming more involved with and being of service to community. They served as an Alternate member in 2018 and decided to stay with the board in 2019 as a Member At Large.

Image of Michael



Michael (he, him), born Deaf with a Deaf twin brother to Deaf parents in the South, has been communicating using ASL as his primary language since birth. He attended mainstreamed school till 5th grade when he transferred to and then graduated from Texas School for the Deaf.

Michael has been a consumer of interpreting services for 25+ years and has always had interest in working within the interpreting profession from an early age. Serendipitously, he happened into the field when he started working as a Support Service Provider (SSP) for a DeafBlind individual. He has been interpreting professionally for over 8 years in many different settings now but can remember many instances where he functioned as a Deaf interpreter for his family and friends when he was as young as 6 years old.

Michael was the first Deaf student to graduate from University of Arkansas at Little Rock with an associate’s degree in American Sign Language Studies in December 2017. He was also the very first Deaf student to graduate from UALR with a bachelor’s degree in Interpretation: ASL/English in May of 2018. 

With his unique upbringing and many years of experience as a Deaf person on the giving and receiving ends of services, Michael is uniquely equipped with the perspective of both a Deaf consumer of interpreting services and a professional interpreter.

When he is not working, Michael spends much of his time socializing with family and friends, traveling, being outdoors, and volunteering with the ASL and Deaf community. He has served for more than 15 years in different roles and positions on many non-profit boards and community organizations.

Red text reading position vacant

Second Alternate Member


[image description Headshot of Jewel in front of a bright blue background. She is white, has blue eyes and curly reddish brown hair. The top half is pulled back, the rest comes down over her shoulders. She is wearing a plum colored V-neck shirt with a thin matching bead necklace and dangling earrings. She is posed with her chin resting on her closed left fist. She is smiling at the camera, showing her teeth.]



Born and raised in the Bay Area by Deaf parents, I feel very fortunate to be part of the NorCRID Community.

I was one of those CODAs who was “NEVER” going to interpret... but when I began a professional life with Deaf individuals and witnessed the amazing skill of the Bay Area interpreters - I was inspired. I began volunteer interpreting in 2007 - and was finally certified in 2016.

I joined NorCRID in 2013 to “help with the Conference” and was sucked into the NorCRID vortex.   It’s been a true pleasure to work hand-in-hand with Deaf people and with ASL Interpreters who are committed to improving the interpreting field and Deaf people’s lives.  In these past 5 years, I have had the honor and opportunity to learn alongside an amazing group of committed individuals to serve our local community.   I’ve made lifelong friends who have made me a better person.

One of the deepest pleasures of serving on the board has been to listen to the concerns of Deaf people who use interpreters in most facets of their lives - attempting to address these concerns through education and community, creating educational opportunities for interpreters who wish to improve their skills and knowledge, and offering opportunities for interpreters to commune with their peers to unpack, discuss and grow awareness and understanding. 

In my last year on the NorCRID Board - I can truly say I have enjoyed the experience. I have several people tasked to knock me off the stage if I run for another term - not because I didn’t enjoy or appreciate it - only because I wish to put the time and energy into my personal growth and to spend it with my soon-to-be teenaged daughters <3

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