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Certification Maintenance Program

Hello! NorCRID is an approved sponsor of RID's Certification Maintenance Program. To request sponsorship please email NorCRID's CMP Coordinator, Holly Vezina, Sean O'Brien at

Paying for CEUs: If you have been approved for CEUs through NorCRID's CMP coordinator and need to submit payment, you can do so via PayPal using the following link: If you have any questions, please contact the CMP coordinator at the email address above.

FAQs: Earning Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the NorCRID CMP

Q: What types of CEUs does NorCRID sponsor?

A: NorCRID, an affiliate chapter of RID, sponsors SIAs (Sponsor Initiated Activities) which include workshops, conferences and forums. The coordinator also processes PINRAs (Participant-Initiated Non-RID Activity) and ACs (Academic Credit). NorCRID does not process IS (Independent Study). 

Q: Are there other ways to earn CEUs?

A: Many organizations and institutions are now offering a plethora of online CEU opportunities. They usually process their own CEUs and costs vary.  If you want to pursue Independent Studies (IS), find an IS sponsor through RID's searchable sponsor database at Enter your state (or you can request a sponsor in another state) and select "Yes" in the Independent Study field. Contact a sponsor from the list to begin the process. Be aware that it takes time to go through the IS process with a sponsor - don’t wait until the last minute!

Q. How many CEUs do I need?

A. Within your 4-year cycle you need a total of 8.0 CEUs which equates to 80 contact hours. Of those, at least 60 hours (6.0) must be Professional Studies (PS) and up to 20 (2.0) may be General Studies (GS). Your CMP sponsor will help you distinguish PS vs. GS and how many CEUs you can earn at an event.

Q: What kinds of activities are not eligible for CEUs?

A: You cannot earn CEUs for the following: interpreting, activities required by employer or part of routine employment responsibilities, meals, socials or entertainment, or activities that were attended but NOT pre-approved by an RID Approved Sponsor.

Q: What kinds of activities are covered by a PINRA?

A: Participant Initiated Non-RID Activities (PINRA) include activities that an interpreter wishes to attend but which are not offered by an RID approved sponsor. The activity must be sponsored by an organization with specific known standards and must have a specific format, educational objectives and purpose. Some examples include:

    • Audited college courses
    • Non-credit courses at an educational institution
    • Corporate trainings
    • Community education
    • Non-mandatory school district in-services
    • Organizational conventions/workshops

Q: What is the PINRA process and deadline for submitting my paperwork?

A:  PINRA steps:

  1. Obtain information about the conference, workshop, or seminar you want to attend.
  2. Contact a sponsor prior to the commencement of the activity.
  3. The sponsor will discuss the PINRA with you to determine whether it is CEU-worthy, which category the activity will fall into (PS or GS) and how many CEUs can be awarded for the activity. They will send you a PINRA form to complete as well as further instructions. Please note, it is the sponsor's right and responsibility to carry out sponsorship in accordance with RID's CMP Standards and Criteria.
  4. After you attend the event your sponsor will need
    • pertinent info about the event such as a description, agenda, registration form, or handouts
    • proof of completion or attendance
    •  $10 processing fee per PINRA

 As soon as the sponsor receives your completed paperwork, the submission to RID can take place. RID requests that all submissions be sent within 45 days of the event.

Q:  Is that the same timeline for a workshop or conference?

A:  No. SIAs are submitted 30 days (or more) ahead of the scheduled event.  RID wants to be able to post an event on their website and allow people a chance to attend, especially if they are traveling from out of town.

Q:  If I’m a presenter at a workshop or conference am I eligible for CEUs?

A:  Yes, if this is a first-time presentation you can earn GS units.  It is also possible to do an IS project for developing a presentation.

Q:  If I take a class, how do I get Academic Credit?

A: Steps for Academic Credit:

  1. Contact a sponsor to receive the Academic Coursework Activity Plan form.            
  2. Complete the course. As long as the course is taken during your current CMP cycle, paperwork may be filed any time during that cycle.
  3. Submit a copy of your transcript to the sponsor. You must earn a grade of C or better to receive CEUs. You also need to submit proof of the school's accreditation by CHEA, a description of the class or syllabus, and NorCRID's $10 processing fee. The determination of PS or GS is up to the CMP sponsor, following the guidelines in RID's Standards and Criteria.          
  4. If the course is offered during a semester, the number of CEUs equals 1.5 per semester credit (i.e. a 3 credit course = 4.5 CEUs). In the quarter system, the number of CEUs equals 1 per quarter credit (i.e. a 3 credit course = 3 CEUs

Q:  After the sponsor files my paperwork, when can I expect to see my CEU’s posted on my transcript?

A:  This can vary depending on what is happening at the CMP headquarters. It can take up to 60 days for CEUs to appear. If it has been 60 days since the completion of the activity and you don't see your CEUs, please contact your sponsor for troubleshooting. Be aware of timing and try to get your CEUs taken care of earlier on in your 4-year cycle. Last minute scrambling can mean undue stress on yourself and your sponsor. And on that note, remember that your local CMP coordinator is a volunteer who works with you and RID. They will make every effort to make sure your CEUs are taken care of as long as you are part of the team!

Best of luck on your educational journey!

If you have further questions please email NorCRID's CMP Coordinator, Holly Vezina, at
You can find more FAQs about Professional Development and the CMP on RID's website here.

ALL RID CEUs ARE PROCESSED THROUGH RID APPROVED SPONSORS. Find one using the “Find CMP/ACET Sponsor” search tool on the RID Web site ( in the drop-down “Search Tools” menu at the top of the home page.

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