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Active Committees, Coordinators, Projects and Board Liaisons

ByLaws – norcridpresident@gmail.com
CMP – norcridcmp@gmail.com
Membership – ncridmemb@gmail.com
Conference – norcridpresident@gmail.com
Social Events – Pride Wine Pour  norcridmal2@gmail.com
Greg Smith Memorial Fund – norcridtresurer@gmail.com
NorCRID Scholarships – norcridtreasurer@gmail.com
NorCRID e-News norcridenews@gmail.com
Workshops – NorthBay norcridnorthbay@gmail.com
Workshops – Central Bay norcridtreasurer@gmail.com
DCARA-NorCRID Joint Project norcridpresident@gmail.com
History – norcridpresident@gmail.com
Technology – norcridmal1@gmail.com

Get involved

If you would like to get involved please send an email to norcridvp@gmail.com or submit the form on the GET INVOLVED page of this website. Thank you in advance for supporting NorCRID!
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