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Mathematics in ASL

  • Saturday, August 27, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM
  • Santa Rosa Jr College; 1501 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa Bertolini #4638 Senate Chambers
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  • Registration includes the price of CEUs
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    Registration includes the price of CEUs

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Mathematics signs play an increasing role in teaching and learning in the classroom. Many teachers and interpreters have different signs for certain mathematics terms and it is possible that a lack of standardization may influence learning. 

There is a particular need to discuss perceptions of technical signs in order to help prepare new teachers and interpreters who pursue careers in mathematics education for the deaf. 

The present workshop was designed to assist new and experienced mathematics teachers and interpreters for the deaf as well as students interested in learning about mathematics signs. 

Most teachers and interpreters did not have signs for advanced mathematics terms and fingerspelled those terms to avoid inventing signs. This workshop helps you to be familiar with mathematics terms and how to apply to interpreting settings.


Paul Glaser, MSE, CDI, is a high school math teacher for Deaf students at a public school in the Seattle area and Mathematics instructor at Edmonds Community College. Paul has a teaching certification in advanced mathematics, Deaf Education and American Sign Language. Paul taught Math and ASL for a few years at several colleges and schools before his current positions in Seattle, Washington. Outside of his teaching, Paul has been involved with interpreting for Deaf and Deaf-blind people, presenting Math signs workshops, and mentoring for interpreters. He has a Bachelor's degree in Math and Communication Studies from Gallaudet University and a Master's degree in Deaf Education from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also took few interpreting courses at Spokane Falls Community College and Gallaudet University as well as Deaf-Blind community classes in Seattle. Paul has a CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter) certification from RID. Paul is a first Deaf president for Washington State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (WSRID). Before that position, he was WSRID Director and Treasurer for four years.

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